Hidden Targets

Red Javelin's Take on Hitting Your Target.

19 Nov 2020

How Great Company Messaging Continues to be Successful Over Time

When we talk about messaging, it can mean different things to differen...

05 Aug 2020

It's Time to Review Your Company Message and Positioning

So many of us have been distracted over the past several months. Betwe...

15 Jan 2020

What is a Brand Messaging Blueprint and Why Do I need it?

In a previous post, we have talked about the success of Amazon’s flywh...

21 Nov 2019

What is the Difference between your Brand Story & Sales Message?

Red Javelin conducts quite a few messaging workshops where we bring to...

22 Feb 2019

Great Global Digital Marketing Takes a Village - New Website for Manufacturer

Do you know that term it takes a village? It also applies to large dig...

11 Jul 2018

New England Wire Products Ramp Sales with Rebrand

New England Wire Products (NEWP), a third generation family-owned disp...

01 Aug 2017

Do You Want to Be a Successful Spokesperson?

When the White House hired Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Direct...

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04 Apr 2017

Thinking of a Rebrand? 7 Strategies to Get You There

Throughout a company’s lifespan a discussion of a rebrand will inevita...

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20 Jan 2016

Why did Cision Pay $841 Million for PR Newswire? Because the Press Release is not Dead!

With Cision’s recent acquisition of PR Newswire, many are wondering wh...

24 Nov 2015

Why I’m Thankful to be in Public Relations

It can be easy to get down on being a PR professional. We are often pe...

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