It's Time to Review Your Company Message and Positioning

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So many of us have been distracted over the past several months. Between new remote work models and cost containment, it has been easy to take our eyes off the market. And guess what? Markets have changed and have become fragmented over the past several months.

That is good news and bad news.

The good news is that fragmented markets create opportunities. It means that no one single company dominates the market – everyone has a chance to gain market share.

The bad news is that you may need to change up everything you do. It may mean new company positioning, new product packaging, redefined programs, and new collateral.

Recently, the team at Red Javelin reviewed our company positioning and took this opportunity to hone our message. The process took several months of discussions and debate to refine our message.

The result of our repositioning and messaging process is reflected on our new home page. Check it out here!

Let us walk you through our approach and thought process.

Successful messaging answers the following questions - Who? What? How? Where? and most importantly - WHY? The why is the true value that you bring to the market and it can take a while to figure it out. In the agency business, most agencies will say they want to help their customers  grow, establish a brand, or get the best ROI for your marketing dollars. Look at any agency website. In most cases you can just swap out the logo at the top and describe almost any agency.

We felt that we wanted to differentiate from the pack.  All agencies are not alike. We help companies grow, establish brand, and with great ROI too, however, we wanted to really capture the value that was a bit different than other agencies that we bring to our clients.   

  • Question: The first thing we asked ourselves was, who do we like to work with? Answer: Technology and industrial companies. No change from our previous position.
  • Question: Where do we have the most success? Answer: With the underdogs. We excel at helping companies carve out leadership positions, particularly in fragmented markets. Our previous position focused on helping companies to target specific audiences, to grow their business, and establish their brand which is still true; however, the real value that we bring to companies is helping companies establish themselves as visionary leaders in their markets. 

Our new positioning looks like this.

Top Message

Question: How do we help companies rise to leadership positions? Answer: By creating integrated programs using these

Question: Why do our clients choose us? What is our secret sauce? Answer: We ask our clients all the time. Why did you choose us? The answer typically revolves around our understanding of technology and in-depth market expertise. We decided to show it, and it looks like this.


We practice what we preach – Any claim needs to be backed up by validation! Here are several case studies that show how we helped companies move into leadership positions.


We added our blog roll to help our audiences understand our latest thinking.

Blog roll

And last but not least, we added a couple of our most popular resources for download since our ebooks convert at 3x the industry average.

ebook pics

If you haven't looked at your messaging in a while, now is the perfect time. Markets are in flux and you need to be ready to capitalize on opportunities with the right message at the right time.

Need help? 

Red Javelin


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