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Key Ingredients to Successful Influencer Relations

Scroll through any social media channel, go online, or simply look around you at the enormous amount of hidden but prevalent influencers that effect our everyday lives. It’s no secret that influencer marketing has emerged as a channel for creating brand awareness and driving sales. With influencer marketing, brands are able to effectively advertise content in a much more subtle manner. Sounds great, right? Let’s learn about what all of this really entails.

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Changing the Game with B2B Influencer Marketing Part 2: Find Your Influencers

Posted on November 01, 2016 by Dana Harris


In Part 1 of this series, we examined the different kinds of influencers in B2B marketing. After understanding these categories and the reason why you need to create a strong influencer program, it’s now time to identify the right people for your niche and brand.
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Changing the Game With B2B Influencer Marketing: Who Are My Influencers?


B2B selling is becoming more complex than ever as the digital revolution continues to transform a once predictable, linear purchasing path to a more circular pattern of touch points. Customers are more self directed as they research, evaluate, select, and share experiences about products and trust experts more than brands.  So what should B2B marketers do?

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