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Six Steps for Tech CEOs to Absolutely Kill It During Press Interviews

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Michala Harris

It's no secret that B2B spokespeople are usually quite technical and don't always see the “big picture” when communicating with the press. Many times the thought of doing a press interview for a founder or engineering, more technical senior spokesperson is daunting. They try to avoid it, pushing down the responsibility to marketing or others. But the fact of the matter is that the press wants to talk to the top dog - the person who can discuss vision, the industry, and the future of where their emerging technology is going.                                              

So think of it this way: treat a press interview in the same way you would a job interview. First, you have to secure the interview, then deliver, and last but not least, follow through.

We sat down with Red Javelin associate and press guru Neal Stein who shared these 6 six easy steps to overcome this challenge and absolutely kill it in your next press interview.


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Key Ingredients to Successful Influencer Relations

Scroll through any social media channel, go online, or simply look around you at the enormous amount of hidden but prevalent influencers that effect our everyday lives. It’s no secret that influencer marketing has emerged as a channel for creating brand awareness and driving sales. With influencer marketing, brands are able to effectively advertise content in a much more subtle manner. Sounds great, right? Let’s learn about what all of this really entails.

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