55 Tips for Smarter Inbound Marketing

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Inbound MarketingHere are four great articles in Forbes featuring a total of fifty-five tips for smarter inbound marketing. First, you need to really understand who you are selling to – create awesome personas. Second, a content strategy sets the foundation for your entire program. And last but not least, create killer content. We have highlighted Red Javelin's contributed tip in each one.

Creating a User Persona? Do These 15 Things First

Tip #5. Clearly Define Each Persona's Pain Points - Clearly define what problem or need will motivate your persona to seek a solution. If you can't identify that, then none of the other information you have gathered for the target audience matters.  - Red Javelin 

Starting From Scratch: 11 Tips for Developing A Successful Content Strategy

Tip #9. Conduct A Competitive Analysis - Conduct a full competitive analysis of how your competitors are communicating in the marketplace. Don't develop a content strategy in a vacuum: Nobody needs a dozen guides, checklists or e-books on the same subject. Make sure what you are developing is differentiated from your competitors.  - Red Javelin 

15 Content Marketing Strategies To Make Your Blog Less 'Salesy'

Tip #6. Tell a Story - People are inundated daily with information. Get your point across by telling a story in context of the information that educates your audience.   - Red Javelin

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Write Content That People Want To Read: 14 Tips For Building a Better Blog

Tip #8. Think Like A Journalist - I always tell my clients to think like a journalist. Think about topics you would like to learn more about, and then write about them from an industry perspective. A blog is there to educate your various audiences, including investors, prospects and customers.  

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