Red Javelin Becomes a Gold HubSpot Partner!

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Red Javelin Gold Hubspot PartnerWe’re are pleased to announce that Red Javelin has become a Gold Agency Partner of Hubspot – the leading provider inbound  marketing tools. Becoming a Hubspot Partner is a recognition of Red Javelin's expertise and proven track record of delivering superior inbound experiences on the Hubspot platform.

What Is The Hubspot Partner Tier Program?

The Partner Tier program is designed to acknowledge Agency Partners who have brought the inbound message clients and who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. Hubspot places agencies in tiers using a combination of metrics, looking at monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, retention, software engagement, and actual inbound marketing success.

What Does It Take To Be A Certified Hubspot Partner?

In order for us to become a Certified Hubspot Agency Partner, we had to take training courses. That sounds easy enough – right? Boy, were we wrong! We totally underestimated the complexity and the number of hours it has taken for certification. It was an extreme form of bootcamp…lots of hours of classroom work as well as many hours of on-the-job experience - it has been worth it. The certifications that we earned from the Hubspot Academy were Inbound Certification, Hubspot Software Certification, and Partner Certification.  

How is Red Javelin Different from Other Agencies?

Many inbound agencies started as website or graphic design firms. Red Javelin is an award-winning marketing and public relations firm, which means we have been in the storytelling and programs business for a long time. We collaborate with designers and web firms to augment our broad experience in driving brand awareness and lead generation programs and are able to integrate the tactics you need into a single cohesive, measurable program.

What Does this Mean For You?

With Red Javelin, there are no more marketing silos. It means that Red Javelin’s customer-centric programs and experienced team use all available marketing tactics to raise brand awareness and generate leads. If you would like to learn more about our programs, our award-winning blogs or schedule a HubSpot demo, just drop note below and we would be happy to go through the amazing platform with you.


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