Is your Hubspot Portal a Mess? DIY or Red Javelin's Hubspot Health Check?

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Landing Page Audit Image-1Hubspot portals get cluttered over time, just like attics, basements, and garages. While HubSpot is an amazing platform with tools when things are cluttered, your programs may not be performing as well as they should, and you may not be getting the most value out of your HubSpot investment.

HubSpot portals become cluttered for several reasons:

  • Unused or outdated content - Over time, HubSpot portals accumulate unused or outdated content, such as landing pages, forms, or workflows, that is no longer relevant to your marketing strategy.
  • Redundant or duplicate content - Duplicate content, such as multiple landing pages for the same offer, clutter your portal and confuse your visitors.
  • Inefficient workflow processes - Inefficient workflow processes, such as creating multiple workflows for the same lead nurturing campaign, can lead to a cluttered portal.
  • Inconsistent naming conventions - Inconsistent naming conventions for content, such as landing pages or forms, can make it difficult to find and organize your content in HubSpot.
  • Lack of organization - Without a clear organizational structure, content can quickly become disorganized and difficult to manage.
  • Unnecessary integrations - Integrating unnecessary third-party apps or tools can add unnecessary clutter to your portal.
  • Unused or inactive contacts - Accumulating inactive or unused contacts can clutter your contact database and make it more difficult to manage your active contacts.

To avoid clutter in your HubSpot portal, it's important to regularly clean up and organize your content, workflows, and contacts. Keeping a consistent naming convention and organization structure can also help keep your portal clutter-free.

What is a Hubspot Portal Audit?

To ensure your HubSpot account is functioning efficiently, an audit can help you identify areas of your account that may not be working as effectively as they could be. By identifying and fixing these areas, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your HubSpot account and using it to its fullest potential. An audit will:

  • Identify areas for improvement - By auditing your account, you can identify areas that need improvement, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. This information can help you make informed decisions on how to improve your overall inbound marketing strategy.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest HubSpot features and updates - HubSpot is constantly updating its features and functionality. Conducting a regular audit can help you stay up-to-date with these changes and ensure that you are taking advantage of all the latest tools and features.
  • Improve data accuracy and consistency - An audit can help you identify inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your data, which can negatively impact your marketing efforts. By ensuring that your data is accurate and consistent, you can make informed decisions based on reliable data.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations - If you operate in a regulated industry, an audit can help ensure that you are compliant with all relevant regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.

Should You Conduct the Audit Yourself?

If your portal is cluttered, chances are you don't have a dedicated resource that "owns" the portal. Or, your resource is so busy that they don't have time or management support to enforce governance. To conduct a thorough audit, you need to have a resource that knows the platform inside and out. If you don't have that resource in-house, or the time to dedicate a resource, consider outsourcing to a Hubspot partner. 

Hubspot partners, like Red Javelin, have been working with the platform for years across clients and across industries. They can easily look at your portal and identify issues that may be keeping you from getting the most out of your investment.

Introducing Red Javelin’s Hubspot Health Check

Some audits go quickly, while others can take some time. Every business is different, and therefore every HubSpot audit is different. The primary goals of Red Javelin’s HubSpot Health Check are:

  1. Analyze account and usage 
  2. Assess whether the usage, KPIs, and business goals are in sync
  3. Understand if key tools in HubSpot are being underleveraged
  4. Check-in on the logistics of your account 
  5. Identifying assets not being used
  6. Assess if best practices are used
  7. Walking away with actionable steps 

The result is an insight-filled document that highlights how to clean up your account, streamline your processes, deliver more leads, and use HubSpot to the best of your ability. 

Health Check Specifics

Our HubSpot Health Check service diagnoses the problems in your portal and provides you with a report containing specific actions to address them, as well as a session to review it with one of our HubSpot Experts. Here are some of the items Red Javelin checks.

  • HubSpot Technical Set up Review
  • Contact & Company Cleanup
  • Buyer Persona Implementation
  • Email Health Check
  • Blog Best Practices Check
  • Workflow Audit
  • Lead Scoring Checkup
  • SEO Strategy
  • Report Checkup
  • Forms and CTAs Review
  • Identify Unused Assets and Active Assets
  • Naming Conventions
  • Asset Organization
  • Review Deals Pipeline Check
  • Assess Sales Sequences/Playbook
  • Product Library Health Check
  • Tasks Check

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