Integrate Your Website with CRM Data for a Powerful Customer Experience

Posted on March 10, 2021 by Red Javelin 0 Comments

Red JavelinHubspot CMS or WordPress? That seems to be the question these days when it comes to website redesign. Before you can truly understand the differences, you first need to understand the power of your CRM data and how it affects your entire organization.

The Power of CRM Data

Every organization needs to manage its contacts and keep track of interactions with them. CRM systems are great at capturing customer data and making it accessible to every stakeholder in the organization. Since your website is typically the first touchpoint for your customers, it also acts as an excellent input source for gathering customer data. And if the website is integrated with a CRM system, the whole process of converting inquiries to leads and following up on them can be easily automated.

Most organizations treat their website and CRM systems like two completely separate technologies. They hire one agency for a website redesign and another for CRM system development. Each system ends up siloed within the organization. An integrated system provides a superior customer experience while streamlining marketing, sales, and customer service workflows to be more efficient.

After the integration process is completed, you will have a powerful tool that will help you manage your customer base better to meet their needs. Its main benefit is that you will have an explicit picture of your sales process, and you'll be able to leverage the incoming data by shaping your sales activities and yielding better results.

What are the benefits of an integrated system?

  • Establish a source of truth - All your customer information resides in one place.
  • Eliminate internal silos - CRM integrations remove information silos that exist between platforms and company departments.
  • Provide a better customer experience – If you are not supporting your customers as they research your products, you run the risk of providing a poor experience and lose a potential customer.
  • Better Customer Profiling - The more data you have on a customer, the easier it is to create a better profile, and the more accurate the data you feed in, the more accurate the profile becomes.
  • Increased productivity and less admin for sales – More than 30% of sales reps spend over an hour on data entry every day. When the two systems are integrated, manual copy and paste or export and import are removed, freeing sales and marketing for other tasks.


Hubspot CMS or WordPress?

As companies reassess their business and digital strategies, websites are becoming an integral part of the business.

This question has come up several times over the past several months. Hubspot's new (launched in 2020) and improved content management system gives WordPress a run for its money. WordPress's fundamental differences are an open-source platform designed explicitly for blogging versus Hubspot CMS designed to integrate a website and CRM system.

Here is an excellent video from a couple of guys who have been web developers for more than 15 years. They dig into the details of WordPress,  its low entry point, and how it has evolved into a swiss-army knife, making it challenging to create a secure business-class website. They compare it to Hubspot's CMS and how it compares when you integrate it with CRM data. It's the difference between shopping on Amazon versus Best Buy.

If you are contemplating a website redesign, I highly recommend watching this video and Part 2 of this series. 


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