Growth Marketing Roundup - Q1 2022

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5 Growth Marketing TopicsI thought we'd start a new tradition here at Red Javelin - a quarterly Growth Marketing Roundup.  We’ll do all the hard work of sifting through the hundreds of posts and articles we read each quarter and give you the very best. The first item is a must-read by Gartner - 5 Things Marketing Leaders Must do in the Wake of the Russia-Ukraine War. If you don't believe this war will impact your marketing or communications, think again. Although it may not be immediately apparent, 

you and your team have an important role to play. This article gives you five things you need in your playbook as the event unfolds. It also highlights the importance of crisis planning and communications. Read the post here.

Thought Leadership

B2B buyers share their preferred thought leadership content attributes: a more human, less formal voice (64%), offers provocative ideas to challenge their assumptions (81%), features deep subject matters delving into specialized topics (77%), includes third party data and insights from trusted sources (80%), and prominently features the point of view of an identifiable author (67%). (Edelman, 2021)

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute releases its annual report on B2B Content Marketing for 2022. The theme of this years' report - The pandemic awoke a sleeping giant – content marketing.

This chart from CMI is very telling – virtual events were the most effective way to engage with customers and prospects during 2021. We expect that to change as in-person events resume in 2022. Once again, blog posts, ebooks, and case studies rule. To read the full report, click here.


Sales Engagement

7 Awful First Sentences That Are Killing Your Sales Outreach Emails – I receive dozens of cold sales outreach emails every week. They all sound the same. This post gives sales reps some very practical advice when sending out the cold email – to summarize, just get to the point and don't waste anyone's time.


Public Relations

Are press releases still relevant? The debate has been going on for years. We still have to convince clients that press releases are just part of a journalist's workflow – they depend on them. Here is a good read about the need for press releases and an infographic about the technical aspects of developing a release.

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