Did You Know that PR and Blogs are the Best Tactics to Convert B2B Leads?

Convert leadsChief Marketer recently released the 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook annual survey report and it uncovered some interesting facts about how B2B marketers are investing their time and money to boost engagement, conversions and ROI. This year, the two biggest challenges facing marketers in terms of generating leads are finding leads that convert and getting targeted prospects to engage. In both cases, having the right content can make the difference.

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Here are a couple of key findings:

PR Remains King in the B2B World

It is clear that PR is not dead. Articles, reviews, and customer testimonials still reign as the top content that is the most effective moving prospects through the funnel.  Research reports are not far behind. This comes as no surprise to the Red Javelin team. These are the cornerstones of any programmatic public relations program.

It still amazes me at how many B2B executives still undervalue the power of public relations. There is still a lack of understanding that PR goes well beyond a press release. In fact, press releases are just one tactic PR pros use. Objections include the cost of implementing a program that can get results as well as measuring ROI. Here’s the thing – PR is measurable. You can measure it down to the penny but – and this is a big but – it requires a significant investment in martech as well as rigid disciple throughout the sales and marketing organizations. It is a Catch 22. Most firms don’t have that disciple nor are their marketing programs mature enough to make it happen. So, they do nothing and miss out on a great opportunities to engage prospects.

Year after year, the data proves that B2B buyers seek out coverage in third-party media outlets during all phases of the buying journey.

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 Blogging Shines

The corporate blog is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolkit. The report uncovered that B2B buyers were more likely to share blog content more than any other form of content.

A blog provides a platform for a company to tell their story in many different ways. It helps you establish thought leadership, raises brand awareness, as well as increases your online presence, which is critical given that up to 90% of the B2B buying process is complete before a buyer is willing to engage with sales.


White Papers or eBooks?

We have retired the term “white paper” from our vocabulary; instead, we use the term eBook. What is the difference?

The term white paper conjures up an image of an academic, text heavy document. Who wants to read that? Not many. An eBook offers up similar content however, it is presented in a more visual and more easily digestible format. It is meant to be a quick read that imparts information on a particular thought leadership topic. To learn more about eBooks, check out our recent blog post The Power of the eBook for B2B Thought Leadership. White papers/eBooks are the third most popular types of content during the B2B buying process that helps prospects move through the funnel.

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