Create a Better Customer Experience Using Integrated Marketing Tools

Provide a great customer experience with integrated tools-1Tools, tools, tools…they are everywhere. The latest count of available marketing technology solutions in the market is 7040! (Source: Chief Marketing Technologist) Crazy, huh?

There seems to be a tool for every marketing task.  But there is a problem with that. All of these siloed tasks create a disjointed customer experience.

Marketers at growing companies are super busy. They’re focused on individual tasks and individual touch points. They have a “get the job-at-hand done” mentality, and they use a number of different marketing tools.

Your customers create a perception of your brand through every touch point they have with you. Every action taken by the marketer affects the customer -- either positively or negatively.

Disconnected point solutions like stand-alone email marketing tools or siloed ads tools don’t give you a holistic view of the customer experience. You need the ability to easily see how your efforts impact the customers’ experience beyond just a single email, or one ad campaign.

Hubspot was the first company to integrate a number of disparate tools into a single marketing platform, enabling marketing teams to integrate disparate tasks into more cohesive campaigns. Hubspot is now extending lead nurturing tools to the sales function in their new CRM platform that enables you to manage your pipeline with total visibility.

Hubspot's New Free CRM

This week Hubspot announced that they have added free email and ad tools to HubSpot CRM which integrates directly into Hubspot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub.

It is built for the marketer. Powerful tools like marketing email, conversations, and ads let you get the task at hand done, backed by a CRM that gives you insight into the entire customer experience.

So what can marketers do with a CRM? Check out this great video below.



Which free tools are now available?

  • Ads - Ads in HubSpot let you compare performance across networks, and see exactly which contacts interacted with your ads.
  • Email - Email marketing tools with an intuitive drag and drop editor, best in class deliverability, and analytics to help you optimize your lead nurturing.
  • Forms - A full suite of conversion tools, including forms and pop-ups, making it easy to convert visitors to your site into leads.
  • Conversations - Conversations brings the power of live chat on your site into one unified inbox. Deploy helpful bots, convert leads, and report on your success.

Free marketing tools in HubSpot CRM are a good fit for simpler marketing and sales organizations that are just getting started with digital.

To learn more, click below and we can help you get started.

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