Begin 2020 with a Remarkable Marketing Strategy

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Happy New Year!

marketing strategyAs we enter 2020, it is essential that you  have a strong marketing strategy in place that is closely aligned to your company's business objectives. With geopolitical uncertainty and the upcoming presidential campaign, we expect markets to have some wobbles and bumps in the road. This is why you need to have a written strategy in place - so that you can navigate those wobbles with clear direction.

In addition to having a written strategy, you also need to have a road map for clear communication. The two go hand-in-hand. A Messaging Blueprint helps you to understand the competition and what motivates your prospects and customers. You need a comprehensive picture of your customer's pain points, understand their motivations, and develop value propositions that will inspire them to act. The Blueprint provides a road map for concise communications across all of your marketing channels.

As part of our 2019 year-in-review, we took a look at which content resonated with our audiences.

The data shows that our followers were primarily interested in learning more about marketing strategy and less interested in marketing tactics and measurement. In fact, half of the most read posts discuss some aspect of aligning marketing strategy with company business objectives.

Here are the top posts from the Hidden Targets blog in 2019.

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This reflects Red Javelin’s positioning as a strategic marketing firm and our ability to help our clients align marketing with business strategy as well as our strength helping clients carve out thought leadership in their industries. To learn more, click below.

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