7 Exciting New Features for Hubspot Enterprise Marketing Hub in 2020

Posted on January 23, 2020 by Red Javelin 0 Comments

Red JavelinWe are very excited about Hubspot’s new features in the Enterprise Marketing Hub. The new features are particularly helpful for a number of our clients, particularly our clients in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology industries.

Here is a rundown on Hubspot's latest announcement.  

Account-based Marketing (beta) - ABM is great news for industrial and manufacturing companies that sell through distributors or OEMs or any company that sells through indirect channels or to large enterprise accounts. It is still in beta, but the first look is promising. New features include ideal customer profile workflow templates, out-of-the-box lists, company scoring, and much more.

New, Slick Attribution Reporting - With the new Marketing Hub Enterprise, you can create multi-touch attribution reports that tie revenue to marketing interactions. For too long, marketers haven’t gotten the credit they deserve for the business growth they drive. With HubSpot’s new revenue attribution, that all changes. You can tie closed-won deals to every marketing interaction, so there’s never a question of how much marketing moves the bottom line. That’ll make your next budget conversation a whole lot easier. Plus, with the new revenue attribution, you’ll make better strategic marketing decisions by optimizing your strategy based on what drives the most revenue.

More Partitioning - If you have multiple marketing teams that work across regions, product lines, sales channels, or other functions, you can now assign permissions so that each team has access to the content they need to work on and a streamlined view of just content relevant to them. With content partitioning, you can separate content assets by each team. Once set up, each team can only view and edit content they're assigned, helping streamline editing and speed up the campaign process. You can now partition:
  • Landing pages
  • Website pages
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing emails
  • Forms
  • Calls-to-action
  • Lists (in beta)
  • Dashboards (in beta)

Draft-Only Social Posts - Hubspot has listened! Most enterprises have an approval process for social media posts. In Marketing Hub Enterprise, you can set permissions for certain users to just "draft" social content, so they'll be able to create social posts but will not be able to schedule or publish them until someone with full permissions approves the drafts.
Manage Multiple Domains with One Account - With the Brand Domain add-on, you can now manage multiple domains with one account. This new feature enables large enterprises with multiple brands and multiple websites to consolidate reporting as well as centralize management.

Segment Web Traffic with Analytics Views - Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise can now segment the sources report in HubSpot by subdomain, URL path, and country using a new feature called analytics views. In Professional and Enterprise, you can create up to 25 analytics views.

Analyze YouTube Video Performance Inside HubSpot - Video is a core asset for all enterprises. If your videos live on YouTube, this feature is for you. With Marketing Hub Enterprise, you can now link a YouTube account and measure all your video performance directly within HubSpot. 

Check out this video to hear more about each of these cool features.

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