Video is One the Most Valuable Sales Tools Right Now

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B2B videoIf you aren’t using video in your marketing programs or your sales processes, then you are missing out. Here are a few reasons why. (Source: Hubspot)

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads yearly than those who don’t focus on video.
  • Video marketers see a 54% increase in brand awareness with their content among audience members.
  • Product videos can increase purchases by 144%.
  • Video emails have 5x greater open rates and 8X higher click-through rates.

Many B2B marketers believe that video does not fit into their traditional sales process. However, with B2B buyers conducting most of their online, even in traditional industries like manufacturing, the internet has completely changed the dynamic between buyers and sellers.  Throughout the buying process, from discovery to evaluation to final purchase, online video content gives buyers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time and plays an integral role in driving sales - and drives the best ROI. Here are some tips below on how you can re-purpose video in marketing campaigns.

I can hear the naysayers...not in my industry.  Ours is all about building relationships and trust to drive sales.  Totally agree!

In B2B sales, products and services have longer sales cycles and multiple decision makers. In fact, there are now 21 influencers in the technology-buying journey. Buyers now conduct the bulk of their research online prior to speaking to a sales representative.

When you create a series of B2B sales videos that inform and educate your buyer, just like you inform and educate in your traditional interactions, you will be able to be personally in front of your buyer all the time.  While this is important in any economy, with the recent COVID-19 ramifications it will become even more important.

Four Types of Video That You Can Create From Home Today

Smart B2B marketing companies are realizing that video doesn't take away from the human relationships they aim to build every single day – video enhances those relationships

Top-of-funnel short social media videos have become very popular to gain attention however, there are many uses for video that can be used throughout the buying cycle. Here are four examples to get you started,

  • Tutorials – People want to understand your products and offerings without having to commit to a meeting. Your product people already have a script they use to explain new product features internally. Have your product team give a short tutorial to explain features of your offerings. This can be used as a middle-of-the-funnel offering or as a sales follow-up.
  • Vision Videos – Everyone wants to know what future holds. Develop a video where executives talk about how the market will evolve in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. This is a great top-of-funnel video for prospects, customers, and press.
  • Testimonials – Prospects want to see results from other customers. Have your customers give 3-5 minute testimonials on how your products and services helped them. This is middle-of-the-funnel content that can be used on your website, in email campaigns, as well as a sales tool.
  • FAQs – Create a video that answers frequently asked questions. FAQs can be pre-sales or as part of customer service and support. Pre-sales video is a great follow-up to warm sales calls or discovery calls while a support video reduces the number of open tickets.

When you have a library of educational videos on your website, you put your company’s people out there to the people who are looking and making purchases. An online video will connect your business on a more personal level to these customers and create stronger connection and understanding.

Getting the most out of any B2B video marketing project should not be a standalone tactic, but one that should be planned, thoughtful and integrated into your overall marketing and/or sales process. 


Using Video in the Sales Process

Most B2B companies have created that is used for marketing and advertising purposes.  However, we are seeing a huge shift with sales teams leveraging video directly into their everyday sales process.  Both big and small companies are leveraging videos to supplement what they do in person.

For example, a sales person may use a testimonial video in a follow-up email to validate a point made during the call.

So to get started building a B2B sales video library, you can start by looking at all of those pieces of paper and start to create video assets around the products and services that you offer. Or maybe you want to start creating videos around the common case studies you have for your products and services.  These videos should have your technical team, the people that support your sales people, giving answers to the questions that customers care most about.

Sales teams have a wide variety of paper, like sales slicks, product brochures, white papers in case studies on their shelves to give to customers. To educate and inform them about what they do. Creating a video library of these assets means you'll be able to “pull these links off the shelf” and send these to your perspective clients.  So getting this process started now means that in three, four or five years, you will have a full library of video assets.


How to integrate video into your traditional B2B sales process?

So how to do you integrate B2B sales videos into your traditional B2B sales process?  Just like you do without video! 

Imagine you're at a trade show, you have your equipment there. It's not even turned on, and you're engaging with prospective customers. They're asking you questions. Your team is answering those questions. And your prospective customers are nodding their heads. That's the methodology that B2B companies should take for planning and producing video content.


How to create business video remotely

How can businesses still create professional video content when we are all working remotely? There are now remote video recording solutions, like Remote Video Capture, that enable B2B marketing teams to create valuable video content that buyers need.  With many marketing budgets cut, it would be rational that B2B companies would want to get the most out of their marketing budget.  With remote video production solutions like Remote Video Capture, teams will spend less money for thought leadership videos, B2B sales videos and other strategic video communications.  This low cost remote video recording solution will allow teams to continue their ability to promote their services, expertise, products and professionalism in a personable manner.

These B2B videos will play a strategic role in enhancing core marketing objectives like ranking on search engines (SEO), showing how products work, explaining service offerings, nurturing with email marketing, and improving social media impact.


Get Started Now

Online video has quickly become a powerful marketing tactic of many B2B marketers to drive core sales and marketing objectives….and this is only going to continue over the next few years.  Once thought of as an expensive and complicated tool that only big brands had access too, the world of online video marketing has rapidly developed to become cost-effective for all B2B businesses.  And even in the COVID economy, video can be created with remote video production solutions like Remote Video Capture. 

This post was written by Robert Weiss,  Chief Video Content Marketing Strategist at MultiVision DigitalMultiVision Digital is a New York City corporate video production and video marketing services company. We specialize in helping businesses plan, create and integrate business video content into their awareness, search, social, lead nurturing, and sales process.

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