Use Motion Graphics to Level-up Your Brand

Motion GraphicsThe great disruptor of 2020 has really shaken everything up. COVID-19 is forcing companies to communicate their brand differently, in a new tone of voice that’s customer-centric and reassuring in these uncertain times. This post was written by Alexander Acker, President of Adventure House, a NYC-based digital marketing agency and a strategic partner of Red Javelin.  

Nonetheless, companies need to market their solutions and services to their customers to differentiate their offerings from the competition.

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Alexander Acker, president of Adventure House, believes that motion graphics is a smart strategy to breathe new life into presenting a company’s value proposition that captures eyes and differentiates brands today. According to Alex, there three scenarios to consider if motion graphics can make a difference in your marketing strategy:

1. You need to kick it up on social channels

Businesses have many choices regarding where they can market or advertise right now. If you are a B2B company, you are posting content on LinkedIn that links out to company content, press releases, thought leadership, talking head videos, and more. What if your message was fully visualized in a 15-second clip that made the content so compelling you had no choice but to click through? Motion graphics for LinkedIn typically contains key messaging so audio isn’t necessary, infographics, key data points that pop, and creative visuals that capture the hearts and minds of your customer.

2. You want to teleport a customer into your world

If your customer can’t be live at a conference or a meeting to experience your offering, you can use virtual reality to bring them into your world and experience what wouldn’t be otherwise possible. Virtual reality is an interactive immersive motion graphics experience used with an inexpensive VR viewer like Veer which make great giveaways too.

Marketing experts are always looking for fresh, creative solutions to enhance the client experience and have their offering stand apart from the competition. Instead of passively watching or reading content, a self-running 360° virtual video or interactive virtual app puts the user in the center of it all to interact with the content in a fun 3D environment. In addition, learning professionals need to create meaningful interactions with their content and experiential learning maximizes the way a participant can gain knowledge and learn a skill. Whether in a facilitated or a virtual classroom, with VR, the learner can experience content through an experience within the classroom or at their desk and take advantage of the 3D space to elevate it. Take a look at the virtual classroom below.


3. You want to stand out and make your offering exciting

There are so many choices in every product or service category today. When evaluating your options, how do you make a decision? First and foremost, it’s the brand and what they stand for; second, it’s the value proposition and quality of the solution promise (“how will it make life easier/better/faster?”); third, it’s having a solid understanding of how the solution works. Like the App Store that provides video clips of how games or other apps will function, creating short 1-2 minute motion graphic experiences that combine key messaging with the just the right amount of functionality highlights blended with creative visuals makes the offering exciting and stand out from the competition in numerous channels.


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Motion graphics are a great way to amp up and grab attention during a product launch. Download the ebook below for tips for a successful launch.

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