Using Outdated Marketing? 5 Actions Tech Marketers Should Take Now

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We all know how easy it is to sit back and do the same old thing and stick to the methods and processes we use in our everyday work lives to accomplish our tasks. Especially in the summer time when we all like to kick back and relax. But listen up tech marketers, this WILL NOT work for you anymore.

stock-footage-happy-young-girl-sitting-wooden-beach-chair-celebrating-luxury-vacation-lifestyle-shot-on-red-epicMarketing has changed more in the past 2 years than it has in the previous past century. The proliferation of digital tools and channels available along with the transition of power from a brand to the customer has changed the way we must market to our prospects. Customers are no longer being sold to. Instead they go online and discover relevant content to address their specific needs and depending where they are in the buying journey.  Customers are influenced by so many more channels now and it’s sometimes overwhelming where to market and how to constantly change strategies and effectively integrate digital marketing to optimize your money and resources.

And in order to remain competitive, you must keep up with the most effective trends and try to stay ahead of the game. Here’s 5 actions you can take NOW to get your head out of the sand and jump into the waters of modern marketing to drive sales leads:

1. MINE your #1 asset – YOUR customers.

In over 25 years of doing customer PR, this is where most companies fall short. And the ones that don’t become the most successful. Every company, big or small, should get to know their customers intimately, know what keeps them up at night, their customer pain points. Not only should they ensure successful implementations of their products but also do everything they can to turn their best customers into glowing testimonials. Develop an ongoing process for contacting and screening your customers, reward them for getting involved, leverage their stories across your various marketing channels, and pitch their stories to the press.

2. Contextual marketing rules.

Don’t put your head in the sand and talk about your product all the time, its features, what it means to your company.  No one really cares about your product if it’s not relevant to them and if it does not relate to the topics shaping the future of your industry. Take time EVERY WEEK to read up on what is going on in your industry. Know the trends and brainstorm relevant angles to create stories that matter.

3. Find your influencers.

Smaller, emerging growth companies are faced with marketing their companies and products with limited budgets and competing against larger, more formidable competitors to try to cut through the industry noise and win customer mindshare. PR and marketing can no longer rely on just media and analyst lists. In 2015, companies must must integrate influencer marketing and find the movers and shakers in their particular sector of the technology market. Influencer marketing isn’t just about reaching a lot of people – it’s about reaching the right people. How to start? Find the most interesting and influential bloggers and publishers that are writing about topics relevant to your industry. Scour social media channels, research into their engagement and integrate them into your marketing.

4. Your website needs to be a virtual selling machine.

Many companies view their websites as a digital brochure that generates traffic. Today it needs to be more than that. It's needs to be sales-ready and fully equipped to attract the right visitors, generate qualified leads and grow your business. Your site needs to be a lead generating machine that can personalize the customer experience and scale rapidly. Get up to speed on inbound marketing, SEO and content needed to generate the leads needed to drive your business. Or call us to do it for you.

5. Visual content sells.

mars-post-1Marketers are many times more comfortable creating white papers, collateral and other written forms to communicate their complex products. But today prospects, press and other stakeholders constantly bombarded with content and in order to cut through the clutter, they must scale their use of visual content. Not only visual content marketing help better tell complex technical product stories, it is shared and liked more online and more easily remembered by prospects.Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. So start turning your stories and interesting facts and stats into Slideshare presentations and infographics. Start creating videos and make sure every blog or social media post and press release has at least one image, video, or graphic to help better tell your stories.

So these are just some of the many marketing strategies you should employ TODAY to turn your marketing into a more effective lead generator for your company.  Have any more quick tips for technology marketers? Please share with us here!

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