Hidden Targets

Red Javelin's Take on Hitting Your Target.

26 Sep 2019
Public Relations | 4 min read

5 PR Strategies to Drive Your B2B Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Public relations is so much more than press releases. Public relations...

08 May 2019

Boost Your Brand By Winning Awards

Many companies don’t like the idea of entering into award competitions...

17 Apr 2018
Public Relations | 4 min read

Six Steps for Tech CEOs to Absolutely Kill It During Press Interviews

It's no secret that B2B spokespeople are usually quite technical and d...

06 Dec 2016
Public Relations | 2 min read

Media Fact Checking Makes a Comeback

Over the past five years, we have seen media fact checking dwindle to ...

20 Jan 2016

Why did Cision Pay $841 Million for PR Newswire? Because the Press Release is not Dead!

With Cision’s recent acquisition of PR Newswire, many are wondering wh...

06 Jul 2015

Need New Content Ideas? Ask your PR Team.

Content Strategy Challenges Anyone that has been responsible for conte...

13 Apr 2015

Fire the Agency! 8 Ways to Maximize Your Return with Your PR Agency

Hiring a public relations firm should not be taken on lightly. In B2B ...

09 Apr 2015
Public Relations | 2 min read

Effective Crisis Communications: 3 Strategies to Take Control of your Corporate Reputation

This week’s breaking news about the fatal shooting of an unarmed Afric...

20 Sep 2014

Great PR Begins with Understanding Markets

So many people believe public relations begins and ends with a press r...

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