Start-Up Marketing: 3 Steps To Getting the Message Right

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There is quite a bit of content on the Internet about using video, images, social media, and content marketing to tell your story. There are tools galore to help you do it. But all of this doesn’t matter if the foundation of your story doesn’t hit the mark.

Messaging can be a tricky thing and it takes time to get it right. Many start-ups are challenged with how to explain complex, sophisticated products, solutions, and services in a way that is understandable as well as compelling to a variety of audiences. In fact, many new companies don’t even realize that they will need to communicate to a variety of audiences even in the same prospective customer. The way you would communicate within a prospective customer will differ depending on their function. And that would differ from the way you would communicate with an analyst or the investment community. So what are some of the steps to take?

Identify Buyer Personas 

The first step to any messaging exercise is to identify each person that has influence in the buy cycle as well as external audiences such as analysts, investors, the community, and media. If you are selling into multiple verticals, you need to address each vertical separately because the language that you may use will be specific to that market. At first this may seem like a waste of time when you are moving at “start-up” speed, but this exercise serves as the foundation for all of your start-up marketing activities.

Focus on the “WHY” - the “WHAT” and “HOW” are secondary

So many companies lead with technology – the “what” and the “how” - and not with the value their solution brings to the customer. This is common since you have been completely immersed in what you are developing and binging to market.

In any B2B sale, the “why” is the value your solution brings to your customer’s business. The “what” and “how” can be differentiators however it is the “why” that motivates people to buy. The “why” addresses the pain points that you have identified in the personas that you are targeting.

Figure out your business value

Business value can definitely be a form of economic value but it also expands the concept to include other forms of value that relate to the health of the company such as agility. Take a look at the graphic below and see if your business value passes the litmus test.



Once the business value is identified, you will be in good shape to create differentiated marketing messages and employ successful strategies to win at startup marketing

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