Social Media Update: Get More from your Twitter!

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Twitter recently announced even more changes to its popular social media platform.  In the past tweeters were limited to Twitter’s strict 140 characters including replies, links and photos. Now Twitter has finally eased up on the character limits providing marketers with more flexibility in what they can post.


See what’s new in Twitter:

  • Attachments: Gone are the days of attaching a photo to your tweet only to find that you are now over the character limit. No longer will your photo attachment take up valuable characters! Photos get the most engagement of any twitter posts, so now when you attach your photo, you won’t have to go back and edit your tweet. Attach away!
  • Go on. Retweet yourself: Have something you want to add to your tweet? Twitter will now let you retweet your own tweets, so you can add additional information, or reshare a tweet at a different day or time.
  • Replies: When you reply to a tweet the @name will no longer count toward character limits, so now you’ll have more opportunity to engage with followers.
  • No more .@: Confused on when to use the . before an@ and when not to use it? Worry no more. Now if you just use the @name it will reach all of your followers.
  • Connect: On its mobile app Twitter introduced Connect, an option designed to help you find friends on Twitter. The app will provide recommendations on who to follow based on who you already follow, what you have tweeted, and people you may know helping you to follow people who will enhance your Twitter experience.

The new updates are either here now or coming soon and make it easier than ever to share your content and engage with your network.  So go ahead and reply, attach that picture or retweet that picture, your followers will love it and you’ll get more from your 140 characters!

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