Need New Content Ideas? Ask your PR Team.

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Content Strategy Challenges

Anyone thot_Nothat has been responsible for content strategy or for developing a content editorial calendar knows that it is a challenge to keep the content pipeline full with compelling content ideas. There are so many tools out there to help you generate ideas but there is one resource that seems to be often overlooked – your public relations team.

Whether you have an outside firm, freelancer, or an internal resource, the team that is responsible for earned media is one of your most valuable content assets.  Earned media is considered 88% more effective than owned media and securing earned media is not easy these days. In fact it is very difficult and not for the faint of heart. Successful PR teams understand market dynamics and understand how to communicate effectively within those dynamics. Here is why:

  1. PR is on the front line pitching to cynical journalists – Not all journalists are cynical however there is a reason why they could be. They are bombarded everyday by companies that are vying for their attention. If your team can get a journalist on the phone (many don’t take pitch calls), then the team has 30 seconds to hook the journalist. IF they don’t bite then the pitch has to quickly morph into something that they journalist may be interested in – in 30 seconds. Many journalists receive 200-300 pitch emails per day, many of those emails are self-promoting. If your PR team is securing interviews as well as coverage then they know which content and storyline is resonating and which is not. Even if your PR firm has strong ties to particular journalists, they will not risk their relationships with a story that is “half-baked”.
  2. PR speaks and tracks analysts on a regular basis – Analysts are market watchers and can spot trends well before they are visible to the general public. If your PR firm is securing briefings with analyst firms without a client/analyst relationship, it means that your story is packaged in such a way that could impact those emerging trends.
  3. PR is tracking your competitors – Good PR teams track what your competitors are saying every day. They know who your competitors are talking to, where they are getting their coverage, what deals they are getting, and who they are partnering with.
  4. PR is tracking industry trends - Your PR team is consistently looking at what is being written and how your story would fit into current trends. They are experts at newsjacking – injecting your ideas into the news flow – which requires them to understand spin your story dynamically and quickly during a breaking news event.

Successful PR teams are 100% externally focused and have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in your market. They aren’t waiting for you to tell them what the trends are, they are bringing the trends to you and are finding different ways to tell your story in context of these trends. PR teams understand markets and how to communicate in them.

More and more companies are turning to their PR resources to drive content strategy as well as their blog editorial calendar. If that isn’t the case in your company, tap into your PR team. You will get enough ideas to keep you busy for the next quarter.

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