I Love Lucy! Trends to Watch: AI for Marketing Professionals

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AI for Markers Red JavelinYesterday, I listened in on a Webinar sponsored by the Hubspot Academy and IBM’s Learning Center titled IBM Watson & the Not So Distant Future of AI in Digital Marketing. It was a panel discussion led by Head of HubSpot Research, Mimi An, with  Program Director of Product Management at IBM Watson Signal Services, Alyssa Simpson, and Managing Partner of IBM Watson customer Equals 3, Scott Litman as panelists.

The panel talked about how AI is going to affect marketing as the technology develops. One of the panels gave a demo of a new product called Lucy. It was a very interesting discussion. If you have a chance, check it out.

What is Lucy?

Lucy is a marketing SaaS application developed by Equals 3 targeted at F1000 firms and agencies that support those companies.  It is built on API services provided by Watson, IBM’s cognitive system. IBM claims that Watson can Watson can understand all forms of data, interact naturally with people, and learn and reason, at scale.

Lucy provides marketers with three primary functions: Research across disparate data systems, Persona Modeling, and Media Planning.  It is pretty powerful, check out the demo here at minute 14:00.

It definitely is a great platform that can help with data-driven marketing.

AI for Marketing is in the Very Early Stages

AI applied to marketing is in the very early stages of adoption. In fact, it is barely in the early adopter stage. People are still trying to figure out what it can do other than serve as the back end of chatbots. But stay tuned.

AI is Not an Out-of-the Box Solution

Expect companies like Equals3 to create solutions for marketers that solve specific challenges. Although some solutions exist today, marketers will still need to have some type of technical talent create or develop applications. Watson is a set of APIs that developers can us to create applications.

Will AI Replace Marketers?

No, however it will help marketers refine data-driven marketing techniques and do their jobs better by providing information that is more relevant. Marketers will still need to interpret the information and make decisions based on that information.

Personally, I am very optimistic about AI for marketing. It is in the very early stages but I am definitely going to keep an eye on its development. With more tools and better information – what’s not to like?


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