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Red Javelin email marketing It’s really easy to send out batch after batch of marketing emails. But how do you know that your emails aren’t just getting swiped by a spam filter? You need to make sure that you’re getting your brand’s email marketing right, so that your marketing budget isn’t just being poured down the drain. This article will offer some useful inspiration on ways to add quality information to your marketing emails, avoid spam filters, or win back sales with cart abandonment emails. Let’s get to work and improve conversion rates!

For more general tips on how you can improve your content – email content in particular – check out our previous post.

You CAN offer value and sell (at the same time!)

It may seem like an impossible feat to convince your customers to buy something while offering them quality, informative, or entertaining information at the same time. Many brands struggle to combine their brand-building content with sales, preferring to keep the two separate. But with your emails, you want to be maximizing ROI by selling and informing at the same time. Here are some brilliant ways that you can sell to your customers, whilst still offering them awesome value from a content perspective: Red Javelin email services

  • Offer product or service information in the form of buyer’s guides, how-to guides, lookbooks or other content that will point your potential customers in the right direction without being an obvious ‘hard sell’. The idea is that this content will be useful to them, rather than being overly salesy.
  • If you are monetizing your emails with affiliate links, you can weave them throughout your content as recommendations and tips, but don’t forget to disclose affiliations in the footer.
  • Embedded video content can be a great way to offer useful information and advice, while also being entertaining. Check out this guide on how to embed videos in your email – it can be a tricky business!
  • Treat your email list to early-bird discounts and offers reserved only for subscribers to make them feel privileged, and therefore more likely to buy from you.
  • Consider employing case studies in your emails. A snippet or quotation from a happy customer can work wonders to convince others to buy from you. The power of recommendations cannot be underestimated.
  • Start a conversation with your potential customers by email to show that you care about what they think. By emailing out surveys and polls you will not only gather invaluable marketing and product development information, but you will also break the ice with them. For conversational email best practices, take a look at this article

Avoid image only emails at all costs

Did you know that your image-only emails will likely trigger spam filters? Did you also know that some email clients will not even display the photos? So your customers could be receiving a blank, grey box and your messages will go uncommunicated. Not very effective, right? The best way to get around this is to ensure that you make use of alt text (like this image) to help your customers understand what was in the image. Alt text is editable in your email tool’s rich text editor. 

For extra defence against the dreaded spam filter, you will also need to include a plaintext version of your email so that your subscribers can opt to convert the email for their viewing convenience. This Hubspot guide offers useful instructions on how to do this. 

A/B testing has proven that text-only emails have a much higher clickthrough rate than image-only emails. Ultimately, you should provide an equal balance of the two to engage with all audiences and to make sure your email upholds its quality, while avoiding spam filters. 


eCommerce Tip: Win back those sales with quality cart abandonment emails

 A collection of products in an online shopping cart displays a potential customer’s intent to purchase those items.  However, there are many reasons why the transaction may not come to fruition. Did they forget? They’re only human after all. Perhaps they abandoned the cart because they saw a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Shopping cart abandonment emails are becoming a widely used tactic employed by ecommerce stores worldwide. Why? Because they work. But, if everyone is using them, there is likely to come a point in time where they will start to work less effectively.  

Consider how you could make your cart abandonment emails stand out 

Pic3.pngTake Chubbies, the American clothing and swimwear brand, as an example. This brand’s abandonment emails are witty and everything you’d hope for from such an email when you are inundated by multiple marketing emails every day. Make like Chubbies and let your brand’s personality and sense of humor shine through in your marketing emails. 

If you run your own online store and you use an out-of-the-box solution like Shopify or WooCommerce, then you can actually use pre-made templates to format your cart abandonment emails easily, allowing you to focus your time on creating quality content for them.  

Don’t be generic – make your cart abandonment emails original to entice your potential customers to make that purchase.  

Email marketing is truly an art form, and with the internet being the internet, it’s all too easy for your brand’s emails to be ignored, missed or blocked by pesky spam filters. You need to make sure that you uphold the quality of your emails. Increase your email engagement rates and scope for making conversions by offering your potential customers a value exchange for the time they spend reading your messages. Whether you offer a useful buyer’s guide, or ensure that the copy in your cart abandonment emails is highly entertaining, you can’t go wrong with a little creativity!

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