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IoT.pngMany of our B2B clients have some type of IoT strategy or offering. Becasue we are data-driven storytellers, we are constantly on the lookout for interesting articles to share with them – here are three that we have been reading this week.

Winning in IoT: It’s All About the Business Processes

This is a great piece by The Boston Consulting Group. The premise is that there is no such thing as “the” Internet of Things; today’s market is heavily driven by specific use case scenarios.

The article identified a wide range of use cases for IoT. From this long list, we pinpointed ten IoT use cases that are poised to mature rapidly and experience widespread adoption (in a B2B context) through 2020. Read the entire article here.




Turning value into revenue - What IoT players can learn from software monetization

This article is a few months old but we like it.  In this article, Deloitte specifically at monetizing IoT technology, exploring strategies common in the software world—where information has long generated value—and how those strategies may apply in a connected world. Excellent piece – read it here.


Internet of Things Investment & Corporate Development Report - April 2017

This is a new report from Harbor Research and it looks at the IoT market from an investing POV. IoT investment in the month of March totaled $18.1B, but a majority of this includes Intel's massive $15.3B acquisition of Mobileye. When adjusted to exclude this purchase, allocated capital was $2.8B, down from $3.4B in February and up from $955mm in January. There are some interesting trends in this report as it relates to IoT infrastructure. Get it here.


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