Great PR Begins with Understanding Markets

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Great PR Begins with Understanding MarketsSo many people believe public relations begins and ends with a press release. Nothing could be further than the truth. In fact, a press release is just one of the tactics that public relations employs to tell your story and amplify your message. I find that many of my contemporaries are writing about these newer tactics such as social media and content marketing. These are subjects that all marketers should understand but what makes a successful marketing program is the orchestration of a number of tactics into a cohesive integrated program that has been developed to achieve a specific business objective.

Although many of the tactics and tools have changed, the fundamentals of creating a solid integrated communications program has essentially have remained the same. The success of any program is dependent on three essential items;

  1. Understanding the targeted market,
  2. Selecting the right tactics to reach your target market,
  3. Executing the tactics flawlessly.

There is a plethora of information out there on tactics and executing those tactics but very little has been written about markets. Understanding the dynamics of emerging and fractured markets is essential to leveraging communications strategically to build company value. Since we are working in many markets, we at Red Javelin have decided to focus and write about interesting things that we are seeing in emerging markets because at the end of the day understanding market dynamics separates great public relations from the pack. Stay Tuned.

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