Changing the Game with B2B Influencer Marketing Part 2: Find Your Influencers

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How_to_be_the_next_final.jpgIn Part 1 of this series, we examined the different kinds of influencers in B2B marketing. After understanding these categories and the reason why you need to create a strong influencer program, it’s now time to identify the right people for your niche and brand.

 3 Rs in Influencer Marketing

When identifying your key influencers, it is important to use the following criteria to determine whether they make the cut:

  • Reach - Do they have a high following? Look for a high number of follower
  • Resonance - Are others engaged with their content? Is it shared frequently?
  • Relevance - Is what they are writing about relevant to your business? Is the audience he/she reaches similar to what you want to target?

 6 Ways to Find B2B Influencers

Here are 6 tools and tactics you can use to identify your influencers:

  1. Hootsuite – This social media publishing and monitoring tool has several new add-ons that allow you to identify influencers. First, plug in hashtag or keyword and you will get lots of information – from who the influencers are in that industry to breaking news on the topic. One way is to select a stream that you are using and search by follower count. Another way is to use the Right Relevance add-on and search topics to find influential accounts, profiles, and articles noting the score given.  Lastly the Riffle add-on allows you to quickly see info about the potential influencer to better understand what makes them so popular and better flush out whether you want to add them to the list. 

  2. Followerwonk - This free tool by Moz allows you to find relevant influencers by topic and location on Twitter.

  3. BuzzStream Discovery Tool – another free tool to help you research influencers based on industry, keyword or topic.

  4. Do Some Competitive Market Research – Visit the sites of your top competitors to see where they are being quoted and by whom.  What analyst reports are they being mentioned in and who is writing them?

  5. Research Events – Visit event sites of your top industry events and see who is speaking at these events.

  6. Media Databases Are Your Friend – Paid services like Cision provide an influence rating on a specific journalist, blogger or outlet. Influencer ratings quantifies the impact of the digital and traditional media influencers who shape the reputation and influence the future of products and brands.

Choosing the right influencers for your business is critical to your B2B marketing strategy. It takes time and a certain expertise and knowledge about your specific industries, target market and business. Even with these tools, it can be challenging without the right resource available for this activity and someone who can continually monitor your market on a real-time basis. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we will give you the secrets behind implementing a highly effective B2B Influencer Program.  If you are looking to create a program and need some help, please contact us.


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