Blending Traditional and Social Media Campaign Tactics for Success

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Blending Traditional and Social Campaign Tactics for Success

I’m often surprised how  marketing and social media strategies we practice at Red Javelin translate into other aspects of my life. Recently I joined a ballot initiative group that was trying to pass a tax override to raise revenue for our town’s schools and road repair. We had a small group of volunteers and faced an uphill battle with little time with the ultimate goal of raising taxes! It was a daunting task. The group consisted of educators, lawyers, technology professionals and marketers. As we discussed strategy, it became clear that we needed to use both traditional and social sales and marketing tactics:

1. Understand your audience – we knew that there was a certain demographic of people that we were never going to be able to convince. We had a short amount of time until our vote, so we did not want to waste resources on the people we knew we couldn’t sway. We knew our best chance for passing the override, was reaching parents with children in the school system.
2. Laser Targeting – we distributed flyers to families at school functions, ball games, plays and other family events
3. Clear Message – we made sure our message was clear, simple and consistent
4. Collateral – we needed multiple layers of communications and we created flyers, signs, an electronic newsletter and an insert for our local paper
5. Web –we developed a strong, easy to use web site
6. Old fashioned door-to-door campaigning– we targeted specific neighborhoods and went door knocking to spread our message.
7. Social – we launched an elaborate social media campaign with Facebook and a Blog. We urged people to share our posts, like our page and get educated.

We managed to do what 70 percent of towns couldn’t do the first time they tried, which was to pass the override. Was it solely because of our marketing? We may never know – but what I do know is that we won by the exact number of our Facebook followers. Coincidence?

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