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Are You Ready for The Fall Marketing Madness?

Posted on September 06, 2017 by Laura Often

As I write this in New England, the morning air grows crisper, the children are back in school, and the leaves are starting to change colors. We can’t escape it (and apologies to any Game of Thrones fans,) but fall is coming. And while I’m always sad to see the summer go, I’m also excited to get back into a routine and ramp up my projects. The fall is often the busiest time for PR and marketing professionals. So how can you make sure your team is ready for the fall workload?

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Do You Want to Be a Successful Spokesperson?

Posted on August 01, 2017 by Laura Often

When the White House hired Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director, I was surprised. It seemed an interesting choice for communications director, based on his experience. Most communications directors have agency, marketing or public relations experience working either in the private or public sector. Because of that, it was less of a surprise when the President relieved Mr. Scaramucci of his duties.  Although Mr. Scaramucci was only in the position for ten days, he made some mistakes that a more seasoned spokesperson probably would not have made. If the White House had reached out to Red Javelin for advice, we could have offered some help for less of a tumultuous tenure. We’d like to offer the next White House Communications Director (and you) some tips for being a successful spokesperson. 

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Thinking of a Rebrand? 7 Strategies to Get You There

Posted on April 04, 2017 by Laura Often

Throughout a company’s lifespan a discussion of a rebrand will inevitably come up in either a sales, marketing, or management discussion. A difficult decision, a corporate rebrand can be one of the most challenging processes that a company goes through. Whether it is just a brand refresh (website or logo change) or a full corporate rebrand, here are seven strategies to help you implement a successful rebrand. 

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Social Media Update: Get More from your Twitter!

Posted on June 01, 2016 by Laura Often

Twitter recently announced even more changes to its popular social media platform.  In the past tweeters were limited to Twitter’s strict 140 characters including replies, links and photos. Now Twitter has finally eased up on the character limits providing marketers with more flexibility in what they can post.

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Why I’m Thankful to be in Public Relations

Posted on November 24, 2015 by Laura Often

It can be easy to get down on being a PR professional. We are often perceived as spin masters or flacks. Even the true villain of my favorite Broadway musical, Wicked, is the press secretary, Madame Morrible.

I volunteer a lot in my community and recently I was sitting in a meeting with someone trying to convince her that we should have a blog summarizing what we discussed in our meetings to share with the public. She looked at me, “I can tell you’re in public relations.” Although I don’t think she meant it as a compliment, I decided to take it as one.

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Blending Traditional and Social Media Campaign Tactics for Success

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Laura Often

I’m often surprised how  marketing and social media strategies we practice at Red Javelin translate into other aspects of my life. Recently I joined a ballot initiative group that was trying to pass a tax override to raise revenue for our town’s schools and road repair. We had a small group of volunteers and faced an uphill battle with little time with the ultimate goal of raising taxes! It was a daunting task. The group consisted of educators, lawyers, technology professionals and marketers. As we discussed strategy, it became clear that we needed to use both traditional and social sales and marketing tactics:

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Why is Generating Quality Leads so Hard?

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Laura Often

As marketers, one of our most important roles is to help generate leads for our companies. Whether we are placing ads, exhibiting at tradeshows, sending email blasts, developing content, working with journalists, engaging with analysts, or conducting webinars or direct mailings, we are all just trying to reach potential customers and bring in leads to our company. But reaching the right customer is getting harder and harder and generating quality leads has its challenges:

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5 Marketing Lessons Learned from Mad Men

Posted on May 18, 2015

This week AMC aired the series finale of Mad Men.   While the long running series focused on many issues including relationships, identity, the 60s and much more, to those of us in marketing, the show brought to life many of the marketing processes we use on a daily basis. Known for its writing, the show’s leading character, Don Draper, shared inspirational sales and marketing quotes that ring true to us:

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