Thinking of a Rebrand? 7 Strategies to Get You There

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ID-10079769.jpgThroughout a company’s lifespan a discussion of a rebrand will inevitably come up in either a sales, marketing, or management discussion. A difficult decision, a corporate rebrand can be one of the most challenging processes that a company goes through. Whether it is just a brand refresh (website or logo change) or a full corporate rebrand, here are seven strategies to help you implement a successful rebrand. 

  1. Why are you rebranding?
    The first thing you need to do is understand why you are considering a rebrand. It is an expensive endeavor, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Are you just talking about an image refresh or is there a significant business reason for the rebrand? Are you entering into a new market? Are you repositioning in your existing market? Is your brand out of date or considered tired? Has your customer or market changed?

    Understanding the business reason behind the rebrand is the first step to a successful project.
  1. Research
    Before you embark on a branding exercise, you need to understand how the market perceives you and your competitors. Using an outside resource can provide you with an external perception of both you and your competition’s reputation. An outside resource has no bias and can present you with an honest view of your company. It is important to know where you sit currently in the market before you can expect to move forward. Industry analyst reports on you and your competitors can also help provide a view of the market landscape.
  1. Message
    A strong brand can help you rise to become an industry leader and win in a competitive market. Create messages that demonstrate real transformation, that are relevant, defensible, and sustainable. Your message needs to reflect your transformation, so consider redoing all of your messaging that resonates and is relevant in today’s market. Your message needs to help you rise into a leadership position, differentiate your offerings and give you a competitive advantage.
  1. Develop Brand Identity
    The brand identity is the visual representation of your brand. A rebrand will certainly affect your brand identity. You will need to provide clear visual and language guidelines as well has information on how to implement your new identity. If you don’t already have a style guide consider creating one. A style guide outlines rules and guidelines to assure that all published content and documents about your company are consistent and professional. Some items to include in your style guide are your official firm name, logo, tag line, business card and stationary templates, packaging and color guidelines.

  2. Refresh Online Presence
    Your website and social media assets are as important as your physical presence. You will need a new website that represents your new branding.. Update all your social sites with the new logo, tagline and images. Prepare your social media manager to monitor for customer comments or questions about the rebranding.

  3. Other Marketing Assets
    Don’t forget about your other marketing assets like your collateral, signage, tradeshow booth, sales deck, sales tools, elements of your partner program, stock exchange presence, giveaways, ates and templates throughout your firm. If all your assets are kept online or are centralized in a digital asset management system, make sure you update all of them.

  4. Implementation plan
    Don’t just flip a switch. You will need a full implementation project plan. Make sure assign people to help implement the rebrand as well as assign reasonable time frames. A rebrand is not a week long process. It is a process that can take up to a year to complete. Be prepared for people to have strong feelings about your old brand as well as the new one. Make sure you have a communications strategy in place to work with both internal and external stakeholders.

Before you launch into a rebrand think long and hard about why you are rebranding. Once you decide to rebrand make sure you don’t miss all the steps you need to take for a successful rebrand.  Reach out to a marketing or PR firm who can help make sure you don’t make any missteps along the way! 

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