6 Social Media Metrics That Matter to the Executive Team

Social Media MetricsThere are hundreds of social media metrics in the social universe. Which are the ones that matter for your business?

Here are the top 6 metrics that executives care about.

  1. Web Site Traffic - More web site traffic means more sales. Referral traffic from social media is one of the most powerful tools to generate targeted traffic your web site.  So why is social media so important? Because people spend a lot of time on these networks and that makes them the perfect medium for driving traffic to your website pages.
  2. Follower Growth - When people follow you, it is because they are interested what have to say. The more people following your accounts, the more people you can easily reach.
  3. Engagement - Engagement measures the interaction between people and brands on social networks. Likes, shares, mentions, and comments are equal opportunities to build connections with your audience and prospects.
  4. Reach / Impressions - Getting in front of more viewers means more awareness for your brand and content. These may seem like soft metrics, but there is value in gaining exposure.
  5. Share of Voice – By tracking the social conversation around your brand and your competitors, you can calculate the percentage of audience conversation focused on your brand.
  6. Conversions – Social media is being used to convert impressions into action particularly for e-commerce. However, you can drive traffic to specific landing pages promoting your content and convert the traffic into your funnel.

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