5 Hot Marketing Trends You Need To Know for 2017

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Lisa Allocca 0 Comments

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It is that time of year again when budgets are in the process of becoming finalized and marketing organizations are winding down the year and are planning Q1 marketing initiatives.  For 2017, we see more refinement of the predictions we made last year. Here are five trends that we think should be in your budget for next year.

  1. Livestreaming Goes Mainstream – Livestreaming is heating up and many are experimenting with the new medium. From scripted episodes to spontaneous interaction, new audiences are forming around brands that connect users in real-time. Facebook's live video streaming feature is now a part of everyone's Facebook experience. Twitter bought Periscope last year for a reported $100 million and officially launched the service in March 2016. In 2017, we can expect video streaming to become more prevalent as new players enter the market and innovators explore new ways to use and monetize it.
  2. Focus on Content Strategy – There is going to be a greater focus on strategy and integration of marketing tactics. Content marketing works best if it is used in a strategic, cohesive manner. Creating and distributing content in a variety of channels in a integrated and unified manner can exponentially increase your brand’s visibility. Success today is having a solid plan behind what you publish and how you publish it.
  3. Data-Driven Everything – Data is everywhere and new self-service analytic tools are bringing analytics to the masses. Marketers are going to need some analytics background to succeed. Expect to see more data-driven storytelling, data-driven programs, and data-driven results.
  4. Buy vs. Build an Audience - The shift in social media towards a paid model demonstrates the value of building and cultivating an audience for brands. However, for those just getting started, they may not have the time or the resources it takes to develop a channel. In that case, there is another option: buy it.
  5. Marketing Silos will be Crushed – As programs become more integrated, we expect to see the marketing organization work more cohesively. No single person is likely to possess all of the marketing skills and sophistication required, it takes a team working in harmony.

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