4 Content Marketing Resources to Help You With Your 2016 Marketing Budget

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As a strategist, I love this time of year when there is plenty of planning going on. As we look back on 2015, we can begin to evaluate what worked and what didn’t and look towards putting our 2016 marketing budgets and plans into place.

Here are four resources to help you put together your content marketing plan and budget for 2016.


2016 Predictions

Predictions are always fun to read this time of year. Content Marketing has been around for five or so years so most organization have at least entertained the idea but the segment is beginning to mature. This year, I agree with many of the “experts” in this great article by Michael Brenner titled 20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions for 2016 that that content marketing believers will continue to lead. In addition, I also think that there will be resistance and some backlash from some organizations that have not seen a hard ROI. I am already seeing some pushback on “sponsored” content particularly since many types of amplification vehicles that used to be free have decidedly taken on a “sponsored” look and feel.  Companies that have moved advertising dollars into content marketing are now finding that they have to move some dollars back into the advertising bucket.

Spending is Up

The B2B Content Marketing - 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report —North America by Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley stated more than half of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget. This is their six annual report and provides a snapshot of where the market is and what marketers are thinking in terms of content marketing. This year's report illustrates that content marketing is still in the adolescent stages and that most organizations haven't been doing it long enough to refine measurement and scaling. But budgets are going up in this category.

Events and More Events

Plan to attend an event or two next year to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. There are plenty to choose from – some targeted at CMOs, others at social media and content marketing practitioners. Here is a great list of content marketing events and conferences from Curata.

Tool and More Tools

Are you looking to beef up your tools? CabinetM is a good resource to begin your search. There are more than 3500 tools listed and categorized to meet almost any marketing need.

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