140 B2B Content Marketing Tips

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b2b-lead-generation.jpgHaving a great B2B marketing strategy is essential for success. Every marketing tactic used should work towards driving the results stated in your strategy in a very synergistic way. This is where many organizations stumble – tactics are not necessarily aligned with the strategy.

I find it helpful to review ongoing campaigns at the halfway point and then conduct a post-mortem when they are completed. You can learn as much from a wildly successful campaign as from a mediocre or even failed campaign.

Here are some great resources to gather tips and tricks to tweak your program.

  1. Here is a great tip about measuring basic content marketing results from this ebook – 60 B2B Marketing Tips You Can try Right Now - published by Pardot. Tip 51: “If you are starting out with no baseline for measurement, begin with the basics. You need a basic understanding of what marketing is contributing to the bottom line, so your goals can be as simple as: hit a lead generation number (how many leads did I generate this quarter?); hit a revenue number (How much revenue was generated by marketing leads?); aim for a percentage increase/ decrease (How can I increase conversion rates on landing pages by X%?); focus on an engagement metric (How engaged are your customers and prospects with your social media channels?).” - Sangram Vajre, CMO Terminus
  2. Predict the Future is Tip #3 from the Hubspot post - How to Make Your B2B Content More Lovable: 9 Tips to Try. Red Javelin has written hundreds of these type of blog posts for many clients. Talking about the future of markets has always been a hallmark of successful leaders and futuristic posts have proven to drive traffic and conversions.
  3. You Can’t Ignore Mobile Anymore is Tip #3 in this post – 6 B2B Marketing Tips to Stay Ahead in 2015 – published on Business.com. Even though we are well into 2016 many firms have not addressed the elephant in the room – mobile.
  4. In this post The 10 Essential Tips for B2B Marketing Success in a Digital Economy posted on Entrepreneur.com, Tip #7 Upcycling content: Increase visibility and your reach, is very important for getting the most out of your content investment.
  5. “When it comes to content marketing, the most effective strategy is…”To align your content with the buying process. Content should never be created for content’s sake; it should be created to accomplish very specific objectives and must focus on the buyer rather than your company or product.” That is the advice from Gary brooks, CMO at Ujanet in this post 46 Thought Leaders Share the Single Most Effective Content Marketing Strategy Or Tactic For B2B Companies. This seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Content development is expensive and is eating up a significant portion of marketing budgets. Ensure that every piece of content developed is mapped to your customer journey.
  6. I think that this is one of the most important tips for any marketing professional. Track your competition. Since you may be chasing the same leads, it’s important to be aware of your competition’s value proposition. This sage advice comes from Hootsuite in the blog post - 9 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips for Social Media Managers. We see companies all the time nudging into a market leading position with their heads down that take their eye off the competition and end up being blindsided by an emerging competitor that seemingly comes out of left field that they didn’t take seriously.

I encourage you to take a look at all of the B2B content marketing tips. These are great resources to visit each quarter as you review your current programs and develop new ones for the next quarter.

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