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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Startup Marketing is a Success

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Dana Harris

I’ve been involved in helping dozens of small start-up companies ramp up their PR and marketing. Many times it’s to establish a new category of product. Sometimes it’s a new innovation that is disrupting a mature industry. But what I love about what I do is that with startup marketing, there is a formula to success and best practices I’ve learned over the years to help turn small start-ups into industry leaders.

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Integrating Paid Search Into Your B2B Marketing Efforts

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Lysa Miller

This guest post comes from Lysa Miller, Partner and VP of Sales & Marketing at  3 Media Web.   3 Media Web is one of Red Javelin's web design and development partners - check out their great work!

Your business-to-business campaign takes on a different form when implementing paid search. Optimizing a strategy to integrate paid efforts within your current digital marketing plan requires careful planning and research.

There are many helpful tips to explore that encourage integrating a successful paid search campaigns to your B2B marketing efforts.

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Visual Content Is Critical To B2B Inbound Marketing

Posted on November 08, 2017 by Lisa Allocca

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and educational content that adds value at every stage in your customer's buying journey. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and a variety of social media.

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3 Takeaways from PRSA Conference and in the World of Earned Media

Posted on October 27, 2017

This month I attended the 2017 PRSA International Conference in Boston and was pleasantly surprised by the excitement around the public relations profession and the still significant role earned media plays in the overall integrated marketing mix.

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Increase Conversions with a Clear B2B Value Proposition

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Red Javelin

For B2B organizations, generating traffic to your website is one of the most important initiatives in any marketing organization. The other is ensuring the traffic you are able to generate is qualified and will convert once they arrive. Without a clear and compelling value proposition, you may be missing the opportunity to convert people that are looking for your product or service.

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The Number One Reason Why You Need a Marketing Flywheel

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Lisa Allocca

It is Q4 and marketing teams are developing plans for upcoming calendar year. Results are reviewed, plans are tweaked and budgets are proposed.

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3 New Tech Trends That Will Transform the Buyer's Journey

Posted on September 27, 2017

We are entering a new phase of technology disruption that will rival the changes in the 1990s when the internet transformed the world forever. New tech trends are poised to make the internet seamless and transform the way we work, live and play. This next phase of disruption is going to make technology invisible, making the way consumers get their information and buy products easier and integrated into their everyday lives. The following are a few technologies that are going to make this a reality.

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What is the One Missing Element in Your Content Strategy?

Posted on September 15, 2017 by Red Javelin

A content strategy is a must-have for any marketing organization. It is the foundation for almost all of your marketing activities but the process of developing it can be daunting. A content strategy is a plan for creating, delivering and maintaining useful marketing content designed to attract, engage and acquire your targeted audience.

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Are You Ready for The Fall Marketing Madness?

Posted on September 06, 2017 by Laura Often

As I write this in New England, the morning air grows crisper, the children are back in school, and the leaves are starting to change colors. We can’t escape it (and apologies to any Game of Thrones fans,) but fall is coming. And while I’m always sad to see the summer go, I’m also excited to get back into a routine and ramp up my projects. The fall is often the busiest time for PR and marketing professionals. So how can you make sure your team is ready for the fall workload?

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Do You Want to Be a Successful Spokesperson?

Posted on August 01, 2017 by Laura Often

When the White House hired Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director, I was surprised. It seemed an interesting choice for communications director, based on his experience. Most communications directors have agency, marketing or public relations experience working either in the private or public sector. Because of that, it was less of a surprise when the President relieved Mr. Scaramucci of his duties.  Although Mr. Scaramucci was only in the position for ten days, he made some mistakes that a more seasoned spokesperson probably would not have made. If the White House had reached out to Red Javelin for advice, we could have offered some help for less of a tumultuous tenure. We’d like to offer the next White House Communications Director (and you) some tips for being a successful spokesperson. 

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